Voting open now for Senate officer and Faculty Assembly elections

Faculty may be away from campus, but that won’t stop selections for University Senate officers and members of Faculty Assembly.

Voting opened on April 1 at on a slate of names presented by the Senate Committee for Elections, which includes faculty members from all academic areas of the University. Voting will conclude on April 16.

The current three top officers — Chris Bonneau, president; David Salcido, vice president; and Gosia Fort, secretary — are running unopposed.

Faculty on all campuses are to vote for Senate officers. In addition, faculty members on the Pittsburgh campus only are to vote for members of the Faculty Assembly. Currently, Engineering, the Graduate School of International and Public Administration, Social Work and the University Library System have no openings on Faculty Assembly.

Casting your vote

1. Log on to

2. Click on the Elections link in the Take Action box on the left side of the homepage. Each election you have access to will appear in the box.

3. Click on the "Access the Elections Dashboard" link located on the upper righthand side of the page in order to view/vote in the Election.

4. After clicking the "Access the Elections Dashboard" you will be taken to the My Pitt Elections Landing page where you will see any elections that you have access to under "My Elections" section. Please click on the election link, a new window opens and takes you to the main election screen with instructions for the election you are participating in.

5. Click the appropriate link to view the candidates.

6. After you have made your selections, click on the "Confirm my vote" button.

7. Follow the prompts to either click the "Yes, cast my vote" button or the "No, I want to change my vote" button to return to the list of candidates.

If you have questions, contact Lori Molinaro, director, Office of the University Senate, at 412-624-6505.