University’s parking permit rates going up on July 1


The University announced this morning that it is updating its parking permit rates effective July 1 and will be moving to a tiered structure based on type of parking facility and proximity to central campus.

The tiered rates will be (see map and full list below):

  • $106 per month for indoor garages near central campus, such as Posvar Hall and Soldiers and Sailors garage.

  • $98 per month for parking lots, such as the OC Lot

  • $53 per month for the off-campus lot on Meade Street in North Point Breeze. Shuttles run from the lot, and Kevin Sheehy, assistant vice chancellor of Auxiliary Operations and Finance, said they are prepared to have the shuttle service increased should the need arise.

Currently, monthly rates are $85 for outdoor lots and $95 for inside. There also are evening rates available.

In a letter to permit holders sent out this morning, Pitt said it has not increase parking rates in the past 15 years. The letter from Sheehy said Pitt’s rates are 30 percent less than other Oakland employers and 60 percent less than private garages in the area.

The Forbes-Semple Garage on Meyran Avenue, which is owned by Pittsburgh Parking Authority, charges $235 a month for a lease. A search of Craigslist found spots in South Oakland ranging from $75 to $85 a month for places on Dawson Street, a 20-minute walk to the Cathedral of Learning, to $125 a month for an indoor garage.

The change is in response to proposed new parking facilities set forth in the Campus Master Plan adopted last year and upcoming necessary repairs. Pitt officials have repeatedly said that the number of parking spaces available on campus would remain the same through all the changes imagined in the master plan, but also have made clear that parking is at a premium in Oakland.

The University currently has around 4,400 spaces, but highly desirable spots can have up to a 10-year waiting list. Pitt has long encouraged employees to take public transportation into Oakland — offering free bus passes to all faculty, staff and students — or to walk, bike or carpool to campus. The idea of leasing lots on the edges of Oakland that can be used to park and ride a shuttle bus into central Oakland also has been discussed.

The Eberly parking lot closed in the fall and the O’Hara Garage will close in May, putting added pressure to find spaces for current permit holders. Sheehy said in the fall that no new permits have been issued for several key lots since spring 2019.

Rates will continue to be reviewed annually as part of the University’s mobility plan. Additional parking permit information is available on the Pitt Parking Services web page.

Anyone with questions can contact the Parking, Transportation and Services team at 412-624-4034, or visit the office at 127 N. Bellefield Ave.

Map of parking locations

Parking tiers

TIER 1 – parking garages

A Wesley W. Posvar Hall (E-4)

BT Biotech Center (Second Avenue)

CC Craig Hall (G-1)

CP Center Plaza (Center Avenue)

LR Learning Res. Dev. (C-2)

LS LIS Building (F-1)

LT Litchfield Towers (E-3)

PG Public Health Building (C-3)

SG Schenley Garage (E-3)

SO Soldiers and Sailors (E-2)

TV* Towerview (A-1)

UC University Center (E-1)

TIER 2 – parking lots

AH Alumni Hall (E-2)

AS Allequippa Street (C-2)

CR Campus Recreation (A-1)

CS Day Care Center (Clyde Street)

E* Field House (A-2)

EL Eureka Lot (C-5)

F* Fraternity (B-2)

FB Forbes Back (C-4)

HP Hyacinth Place (Ophelia Street)

K SRCC Building (D-2)

KG Katz Graduate School of Business (F-4)

L Oakland Avenue Apartments (E-4)

MP McKee Place (D-5)

MW Melwood Lot—Off Campus (G-1, inset)

N Frick Fine Arts Building (F-4)

OC* Allequippa Street (A-2)

OE Old Engineering (D-2)

P North Bouquet Street (D-3)

PK Park Plaza (N. Craig Street)

Q Oakwood Apartments (D-4)

R* Salk Hall (B-3)

RA Ruskin Hall (F-1)

SC* Falk School (C-1)

SD Sutherland Drive (B-2)

TH Thackeray Hall (D-2)

U Veterans Lot (B-1)

UD University Drive (D-2)

TIER 3 – off-map lots

MS Meade Street