Teaching Center offers help no matter where your classroom is

The Teaching Center has assembled several resources and brief video tutorials that describe best teaching practices and easy technology tips to connect instructors and students whatever their location.  

As in pre-pandemic times, the center expects many instructors will want to teach with their own laptops. Most faculty can go back to that model by using  Zoom whether they are in the physical classroom or teaching remotely.

Click the links below for information on these topics: 

The Teaching Center’s Classroom Services team can lend additional equipment to instructors, including a connecting display cable for their laptop by submitting this form

Instructors should check with their own academic unit to verify classroom technologies. Otherwise, the Teaching Center can provide consultations for faculty to help determine the best teaching strategies and the recommended technologies to support those strategies. Instructors can find lots of helpful videos and information resources on the Teaching Center website.

Michael Arenth, director of educational technology, said the Teaching Center is ready to help faculty succeed this fall. “We encourage instructors to review the resources on our website and reach out to us for consultations,” he said. “The future may be uncertain but with good preparation and patience, together we can make this academic year a great learning experience for Pitt students.”