Senate Council approves policy on gifts that support projects

Senate Council members unanimously voted to approve a draft policy and procedure on gifts that support projects and a name change for the Plant Utilization and Planning committee (PUP).

During the Feb. 23 Senate Council meeting, Carey Balaban, a member of the Tenure and Academic Freedom Committee and a professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, introduced the gifts that support projects policy changes.

The policy would provide faculty and staff with guidance on how to manage and process sponsored projects, including government and foundation awards, and gift projects, such as grants.

With this updated draft policy faculty and staff will have a “roadmap” guiding them to the proper offices and through the proper procedures to administer these projects.

This draft policy comes after Senate Council approved the Gift Acceptance and Naming Policy in March 2021, which standardized Pitt’s requirements for accepting gifts.

In other action, David Salcido, a research assistant professor of emergency medicine, introduced a proposal to change the name of the PUP committee to the Campus Utilization Planning and Safety committee, or CUPS.

This name change, which Senate Council approved, better reflects the committee’s focus on public safety, Salcido said. Ted Fritz, vice chancellor for public safety and emergency management, has joined as a liaison with the committee.

— Donovan Harrell


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