Second half of CARES Act funding will be used on restart costs


Pitt has received the second installment of $10.6 million from the federal COVID-10 relief bill and plans to use it on projects that support health and safety in the University community and improve students’ educational experience.

The University’s full portion of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act, which Congress approved on March 27, is $21.3 million, with at least half required to go to emergency financial-aid grants to students. The full stimulus package totals $2 trillion, with $14 billion going to higher education.

The first installment of $10.6 million was received in late April and distributed to about 11,400 students across all five campuses.

Federal guidelines specify that the second batch of COVID-19 relief funding is intended to cover institutional expenses. Pitt will use the money for:

  • Technology and training for the development of the Flex@Pitt hybrid teaching model (see related story).

  • Measures that help protect the health and safety of the University community.

  • Other restart costs that will allow students to safely return to campus for the fall term.

In April, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said the University had incurred losses of around $40 million when it told students not to return to campus after spring break and sent most employees home. Restart costs are in addition to the initial losses and include providing personal protective equipment to faculty, staff and students, as well as outfitting classes and residence halls for maximum safety and more.

In a news release, the University said it “appreciates the funding support from Congress while acknowledging that it offsets only a small portion of the total costs incurred to support our community while maximizing our mission in these difficult times.”

Gallagher has told the University community to prepare for tight budgets this fall. Details of the budget should be released soon.

Susan Jones is editor of the University Times. Reach her at or 412-648-4294.


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