Purchasing and expense websites consolidating into one

The University of Pittsburgh’s buying and paying (www.cfo.pitt.edu/pexpress) and travel and expense management (www.pext.pitt.edu) websites are consolidating into one: Purchase, Pay & Travel (PPT). 

The goal of this consolidation is to create a simplified and more efficient way to find guidance and resources to purchase goods or services, process payments, submit expenses and book travel. 

Later today and over the weekend, links to the old websites will begin to redirect to the new Purchase, Pay & Travel site. 

The name of the PantherExpress System, the University’s cloud-based purchasing tool and preferred procurement and payment mechanism for most goods and services, has not changed. 

Pay, Purchase & Travel is comprised of the same teams who will continue to provide assistance: Purchasing Services & Customer Service, Payment Processing & Compliance, Strategic Sourcing & PantherExpress System Solutions. Visit this page to learn more. 

If you have additional questions about purchasing, payment and travel or navigating the website, contact Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service.