Pitt one of 10 schools recognized as best for men in nursing

The American Association for Men in Nursing has recognized Pitt Nursing as one of the top schools for men in nursing in the country for 2022

Pitt Nursing was honored along with nine other schools during the organization’s 47th annual conference in October in Orlando.

The association considers several factors for the awards. According to the organization’s website, the purpose of the award is “to recognize a nursing school or college that has provided significant efforts in recruiting and retaining men in nursing, in providing men a supportive educational environment, and in educating faculty, students and the community about the contributions men have and do make to the nursing profession.”

In 2000, men made up 9.17 percent of the student population in the undergraduate BSN program at Pitt Nursing. That number has increased to 11 percent in 2022. When the graduate programs at Pitt Nursing are included, nearly 14 percent of the student population are males — nearly a 2 percent above the national average in the nursing profession.

“Recruitment and retaining of male students in schools of nursing across the country has been a challenge due to biases that the profession is mainly for females,” said Julius Kitutu, associate dean for student affairs & alumni relations and chief diversity officer. “Pitt Nursing has created an inclusive environment for all students, resulting in great strides in increasing male enrollment.”

This is the first time Pitt Nursing has been recognized as one of the association’s best schools for men in nursing.