Most on-campus Printing Services to be discontinued

The University’s Printing Services office is being downsized because of the declining use of traditional printing, particularly during the past year, according to an announcement on the office’s website. Student printing, which is handled by Pitt IT, will remain the same.

Six staff members were provided with opportunities and encouraged to apply to open positions at Pitt, to remain with the University.

The announcement also cited the environmental impact of print products and said the University would be expanding digital design and production services. Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service also will be providing a list of recommended outside print vendors.

The Print Shop at 7500 Thomas Blvd. and Copy Cat Printing Services in Alan Magee Scaife Hall will remain open for limited institutional identity printing, such as University letterhead, envelopes, business cards and course packets, in addition to copying.

Remaining onsite print production services will be discontinued, such as for marketing and event planning materials and banners, posters and signs. New orders for additional printing services will not be accepted after June 30, 2021.

University Communications and Marketing can assist in designing print or digital project materials. Contact them through the Marketing Project Request Form.