Health insurance open enrollment information coming May 15

The open enrollment period for Pitt’s medical insurance for 2023-24 will start on May 15, a little later than normal.

Human Resources will provide detailed information to employees on May 15 via via email and direct mail, as well as an online summary guide to benefits at This information will include updates, timing, and the process to select or update benefits.

HR has not indicated whether rates will be going up, but did say that the rates for faculty represented by the Union of Pitt Faculty will remain unchanged this year due to the ongoing bargaining agreement negotiations.

Last year, Pitt employees saw increases in medical premiums of $3 a month for individual coverage and $19 a month for families under the Panther Gold Plan, which covers approximately 85 percent of staff and faculty. There were no changes in what the plans cover and no change in premiums or coverage for the dental or vision plans.

During the annual open enrollment period, Pitt employees can review and make changes to the benefits they have elected. For those who do not wish to make changes to their current benefits elections, no action is required. However, it is recommended that everyone go through the benefits enrollment process to ensure their selections are accurate.

If employees have any questions, they can contact the human resources team.