CIO Henderson merges two Pitt IT staffs

Two of Pitt’s information technology teams will be combined at the start of 2020, according to @Pitt.

Chief Information Officer and Vice Chancellor Mark Henderson announced that Pitt’s Financial Information Systems, or FIS, team will join the Computing Services and Systems Development team, or CSSD.

Together, they will form Pitt Information Technology. This transition will help support Pitt’s human resources and financial system, PRISM.

Associate Vice Chancellor Monte Ciotto will run a team of 50 to provide technical support to Pitt’s business partners, Facilities Management and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, according to @Pitt.

Henderson said this new integration will help support Pitt’s strategic goals in the future.

“Faculty, staff and students can look forward to a larger, more unified and coordinated information technology front in the coming year,” Henderson said in @Pitt.

A transition team of staff from FIS and CSSD will help facilitate the transition.