Art of Diversity shines through in writing, painting and more

Painting with legs walking and heads obscured

The Art of Diversity Showcase 2021 received nearly 70 entries from students, alumni, faculty, staff and the public for awards in writing, visual art, performance and interdisciplinary art, as well as a People’s Choice award.

Paula Davis, associate vice chancellor for diversity, equity and inclusion for the Health Sciences, won the writing award for her untitled short poem:

What calls me to the ocean?
Is it the peace borne of rhythmic waves,
Or the gems that appear as the sun meets the water?
Perhaps it's the way I am made buoyant,
able to feel my body held by the surface of greatness.
For under the ocean lie two million ancestors
Who never completed the passage.
They call to me.
They hold me.

Pitt MBA/master of social work student Abby Bonilla, who is a fluid/flow artist, won the People’s Choice award for the acrylic pouring, “We're Still Here.”  

For a list of other winners, go to Pittwire. Find all the submissions on the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website. The showcase coincided with the 2021 Diversity Forum, which was held from July 26-29.