STAFF MATTERS: Advocacy works better if everyone is involved

By ANDY STEPHANY, Staff Council president

The start of a new academic year presents fresh opportunities for staff members to collaborate with students, faculty and administration across campuses to advance the University’s mission. While you may be aware of our brown bag workshops, staff awards or annual events like the Staff Spring Assembly, Staff Council works year round within the University’s shared governance structure to represent the interests of and advocate for all classified staff at the University of Pittsburgh while providing opportunities for comprehensive professional development.

Staff Council is comprised of 90 volunteer members from schools, units and departments across the Oakland campus. Our regional colleagues tailor advocacy and engagement to reflect the needs of their respective campuses.

In addition to active internal participation — attending committee meetings, planning events, leading ad hoc initiatives — members represent staff interests in strategic campus governance bodies:

  • Three staff representatives (two voting) on the University Planning and Budgeting Committee, which provides annual recommendations on the University’s budget to the chancellor
  • Three staff representatives (all voting) on the University’s Senate Council, comprised of staff, student, faculty and University leaders.
  • Two staff representatives (one voting, one non-voting) on each of the 15 Senate Council standing committees
  • One staff representative on each of the 11 Board of Trustees standing committees
  • Ad hoc representation on high-level search committees, most recently for new deans and the new University provost

This valuable engagement ensures that the staff voice is represented at all levels of University governance. While their efforts may not always be visible, your peers and colleagues are working to move the University forward while advocating for staff interests

That advocacy is better informed when we hear directly from you. All Pitt staff members are invited to attend our monthly general meeting (visit the University calendar for dates).

Follow @upstaffcouncil on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or simply share your thoughts or concerns by emailing, calling 412-624-4236, or by visiting our office in B39 of the Cathedral of Learning.