Pitt Worx getting ready to roll out as University’s new hiring website


PittSource, the University’s recruiting and hiring website, is being replaced by the Talent Center starting in mid-December, part of the rollout of Pitt Worx to revamp the core services of Human Resources. Pitt Worx will eventually replace current software handling payroll, benefits and employee work hours and time off tracking as well.

The three-year process, begun at the start of 2018, will bring Oracle Cloud software to many of the older HR functions, superseding PRISM, for instance, and improving their operations, said Shahfar Shaari.

Shaari is the Pitt Worx project leader organizing the transition, including the training of Pitt staff members who will use the Talent Center to post jobs. One early aim is to recruit “Pitt Worx Champions” to help the entire University learns the new procedures. There are already 120 such Champions on all Pitt campuses.

“There are a lot of things that the old systems couldn’t do that have kept the University from being able to automate its processes,” Shaari said.

Michelle Fullem, project manager in Human Resources, previewed the new Talent Center for the Champions on Oct. 30. She noted that parts of Pitt Source will remain live and accessible through the Talent Center during the transition.

TheTalent Center, Fullem said, will not overburden users with too much information as they work with HR to write job descriptions, get approval for salary offers and screen candidates. “You are going to love it,” she said. “It’s a very streamlined process for you.”

The transition from Pitt Source will require a small pause in job postings and job offers in early December. The Talent Center will be open for business shortly after Dec. 13.

“We are really working hard not to impact our applicants,” Fullem said.

The Pitt Worx website, Shaari said, contains a large number of introductory and training tools, such as a video on Talent Center requisitions (the new label for job postings), an FAQ, and quick reference guides.

The earliest training on Pitt Worx is set to begin Nov. 12 on all campuses, through Dec. 13. Pitt Worx will hold its pre-launch celebration on Dec. 6 in Alumni Hall.

Marty Levine is a writer for the University Times. Reach him at martyl@pitt.edu or 412-758-4859.