New employees now must complete clearances before starting at Pitt

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, all new hires at Pitt who will have direct or routine contact with children under 18 must complete all Child Protection Clearances, including FBI fingerprint results, before starting to work at the University.

Previously, new hires were granted a 90-day provisional period in which to obtain and submit all necessary Child Protection Clearances. The change is mandated by the state of Pennsylvania in the updated Child Protective Services Law. Employees who have already started working and haven’t completed the clearances, need to do so by Jan. 1.

The required clearances are:

New employees are responsible for any costs for obtaining the required Child Protection Clearances.

The Clearances & Training section of the Office of Human Resources’ website details the process for obtaining Child Protection Clearances and spells out who needs to get the clearances.

To obtain clearances, new hires must coordinate with ProVerify ( powered by Application Verification, the University’s vendor for handling all Child Protection Clearances. The ProVerify processing team will reach out to each new employee to coordinate the criminal background screening clearances required to perform each employee's responsibilities.

For questions concerning clearances, contact the OHR Customer Support team by emailing or call 412-624-7000, option 3.