Faculty can benefit from Pitt Ventures Student Challenge

Faculty who are working on an innovation with commercial potential can get financial help through the Pitt Ventures Student Challenge.

The challenge requires students to develop a business model and investor pitch for a faculty-generated innovation. The students can pursue their entrepreneurial interests and learn how to advance innovations toward the market. They will receive hands-on mentoring with a business mentor and present the pitch at the Innovation Showcase in fall 2019.

Faculty member can get up to $20,000, awarded to the professor’s department for the innovation, as well as feedback on commercialization strategy from business professionals and investors and a complete pitch presentation.

If a professor wants to participate and doesn’t have a student to team up with, the Innovation Institute can help find one.

The challenge gives awards in two categories:

  • Health care: The Michael G. Wells Competition offers a $20,000 First Place, $10,000 Second Place and $5,000 Third Place awards.

  • Non-health care: The Kuzneski Innovation Cup offers a $15,000 First Place, $7,500 Second Place and $5,000 Third Place awards.

Application deadline is May 31, 2019. Final pitch competition is October 16, 2019. Students can apply here.

Read about last year's winners here.